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Embedding Close Captions To Television Programs

11th July 2010 

Hi there! Does your company offer close captioning services. I have 81 television programs that need to be close captioned. The length is 28:30. We need two lines of text for every pop on caption. Some of the television programs may require open captions and these specifically will be for interview programs. The open captions need to be visible, besides the captioning for lower third name graphics has to pop on top of the screen. We will send the programs as DVCAM format Master or a file on a hard drive. James Cameron

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We informed the client of our willingness to undertake the assignment. After the client sent us the files through the FTP, we added close captions to one television program and sent it to the client for approval. The client wanted the font size of the captioned reduced and wanted us to go ahead with the rest of the files. The technical team of our company were able to complete the captioning process on all the 81 television programs in two weeks. We used Final Cut Pro and Mac Caption software for the assignment. This client has been regularly sending us captioning assignments. We have since then added new software, because some of the television programs required customised software, other than Final Cut Pro or Mac Caption.




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