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10 tips for conducting effective video interviews

Conducting an interview can involve a lot of groundwork and video interviews are a whole lot more challenging. Here are ten tips for a video interview that is engaging, fun and looks professional. And all this at a fraction of the cost production houses shell out on!

The golden rules of a well shot video interview!

  • A white background looks fine as it doesn’t distract the viewers and gives the general idea of spaciousness,
  • Do a preliminary lighting test, with the help of a long suffering friend before your interviewee arrives.
  • Jot down important questions and use it for reference but never read out from a piece paper during a video interview.
  • Maintain eye contact throughout the interview it can make your subject not be nervous about the camera rolling and also avoid shots of your interviewee looking directly into the camera and make your video interview look like an infomercial.
  • Try to shoot with at least a two camera set up. And, no, it isn’t half as expensive as you think. A simple handy cam or your smartphone would do. Or else just borrow another video camera or handy cam from well meaning friends.
  • Fix one camera (the more professional one of the two) to a tripod in the most optimal position and angle where both you and interviewee are covered. A mid close up works just fine and let it film constantly. Use the other camera to zoom in or out or even change the angle occasionally. This way in case the video footage looks shaky you still have the other camera to fall back on.
  • While editing use shots from the both the cameras. You have a happy mix of standard and non fussy shots, and also lively and visually interesting ones.
  • If you are using a lap mike, the sound of rustling fabric is the last thing you’d want to listen to. Never adjust the mike or your clothing for that matter and check the audio before the shoot.
  • Do a mock shoot if you have the time.
  • And also make sure that you hit the record button first. You wouldn’t believe the number of times nervous interview hosts forget to press record! Don’t experiment with the settings of your camera just before the shoot and always have a plan B in place in case everything goes wrong at the last minute.

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