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There are times when we fail to deliver transcripts at a turn-around-time that we promise, some of the reasons attributed to the delay are because of technical reasons. The audio file sent to us may have background noise or the speaker may have an unusual accent, the transcribers under these circumstances take a longer than usual time for documenting it.

We’ve also had issues related to large file uploads, for instance a customer may need transcripts of a large video movie,  and if the file size of the movie exceeds 100 MB, or precisely let us put it this way if the file size is 9 GB, the best option is to send the DVD video to our Diamond Bar – California office.

But if you are unable to do that, and want to send it to us online then you need to split the large files into parts and to do that, you need to install “Winrar” archive on your system, the application can be downloaded from The 9 GB file will need to be split into 60+ 98 MB archive, and using the FTP or Leapfile on our website, the split video files can be transferred to us. The “WinRAR (64 bit)” application should be the one used for archiving the files.

At times we also come across situations when audio/video file formats are different than the ones normally sent to us, we do have most file conversion software’s, because for the audio recording/video recording to be compatible with our transcription software, the file format needs to be only in the MP3 format. But if the format conversion software is unavailable in our systems, we source it from our vendors and as a result the turn-around-time for the transcriptions gets delayed.

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