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Audio Transcription is nothing but the conversion of recorded audio content into a text file. The audio content can be in any of the formats like WAV, MP3, WMA, DSS etc… and other non-digital formats like cassettes, VHS tapes etc…

iSource and Audio transcription:

 A superior quality audio transcription with transcendent Turnaround time and affordable price is the success mantra of transcriptionsservice. Ever since its inception in 2004, we have manipulated a huge number of audio transcriptions. This vast experience has marked us one of the leading players in the market both in terms of quality and timely delivery.

Audio quality and output quality: 

Once we obtain the audio file we take on us the responsibility of all its related issues on the features, eminence, technology, delivery etc… Conversely, our work and effort is predisposed to the quality of the original audio file or the source of the file and is inclined to the way it was recorded. Through our experience we have learned and gained acquaintance on the recording, pre-recording and its other related activities. Well, it’s one of our foremost responsibilities to share the collected knowledge and information on the same to our clients, readers and all those inclined to this field. This sharing of information can serve mutually both of us. This not only facilitates the client to generate an audio file with supreme quality but also in turn assists us in providing the transcripts with utmost quality to all those who perceive our works.

At transcriptionsservice we offer audio transcription services to all of the following:

Business Meetings

Group Discussions


Focus Groups

Conferences / Seminars

Public Speeches

Depositions / Hearings

Press Briefings

Lectures / Discussions / Discourses


Sermons / Preaching

Radio Shows

This article is prepared having in mind the needs of the new-age transcription services and is aimed at spreading knowledge on the various techniques and tactics involved in recording the audio content that is to be transcribed.

Transcripts enclose vital information and decision making data and it is unconditionally necessary that these contents are transcribed with utmost accuracy. Audio quality is one of the most influencing factors in a transcripts success, superior the audio quality, superior is the transcript in terms of quality and accuracy. Transcription is an important phase involving data analysis, perpetuation and archiving of vital information. Ensuring a high quality audio recording can help us provide you the best quality.


You can avoid cups and crockery sounds while recording.  Sounds of fax machines, printers, fans, Air-conditioners, mobile phones, fixed land line phones; pagers etc… can be reduced. Turning off your mobile phones will help you too. Using latest software techniques you can try reducing the noise and unwanted sounds already recorded. Try hearing your recordings through a headphone, because this is how a transcriber hears it as well, so that you get an idea on the quality of your audio content. It is better to invest on a high-quality recorder and microphone if your business needs on such recordings are constant and consistent.

We are laid with a strong foundation in the field and built with expertise and molded with technology and assure you of providing the best service ever. We hope for a better transcription service with your support.

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