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You Speak – We Type

Many of our clients solicit verbatim transcripts, which are hearing impaired centric, meaning these transcripts are a little different from the standard transcripts that we process. The deaf/hard-of-hearing communities face difficulties comprehending a wide variety of audio/video features on the web. The standard transcript is not 100% verbatim, for instance, sound of glass breaking or other background noises such as cooing sounds of doves or pigeons are not included into the transcripts.

However, if the transcript is for the benefit of the hearing impaired, the transcribers make sure that every detail is included into the transcript, so that the audio visuals convey the same experience that normal viewers enjoy. We do realize that the excitement of sound cannot be replicated in a transcript, but earnest efforts are made to get as close as possible.

The same effort applies for transcripts solicited by our clients for embedding captions to videos. However, we do not include sound of glass breaking or birds cooing, instead speech gets top priority, unless clients specifically ask us to include the background noise.

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