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Noisy classrooms are the bane of all lecturers. And the decibel levels somehow seem to increase, when you are trying to audio record your lectures. To break free from monotony, and to better engage students, most lecturers use PowerPoint slides while delivering lectures. You can use the built in audio recorder that comes with PowerPoint, to avoid snaky wires and expensive audio recorders.

If you are new to the game or a little nervy, we can offer you a small guide on using PowerPoint to audio record lectures. It can sound a little overambitious when you say that you are trying to get a clean audio recording, with a room full of teenagers. But these tips might just help!

Handle your mike with care: Audio recording using PowerPoint, involves nothing more than connecting your microphone to your computer. But like they say there is many a slip between the cup and lip. Connect your microphone to your computer, and hold your mike at a consistent distance from your mouth. 15-20 cm is the optimal distance between the microphone and the mouth. Try not to change the distance, or angle throughout the recording.

Synch your audio to your slides: PowerPoint records audio in the presentation itself, and doesn’t create an individual or separate audio file. So make sure that the order of your slides and audio presentation, are in sync.

Use captions: Try to use captions to enliven your presentation and make it easily understandable. If you are planning to upload your lecture on the web, or share it, captions can be incredibly useful. Use the note fields in your presentation to insert captions. There are lecture transcription services or captioning firms available to do the job for you!

Once you’ve recorded your presentation you can share it through social media sites or post it in educational sites. You could distribute transcripts of it to students or mail them the link of your lecture. Now you no longer have to mess with multiple softwares or audio files. Work with PowerPoint and stay with PowerPoint, to effortlessly record and share lectures.

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