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We constantly receive this query from our clients wanting to know if we can do it, our obvious answer is ‘yes we can’. Our clients will be delighted to know about new developments taking shape on the web, especially ones that are related to audio/video clippings that feature on “You Tube” “MySpace” “MegaVideo”. You can now download the clippings, save them on your system and convert them to a different formssssat.

  •  – This website allows you to download the video by entering the complete You Tube URL address. If you want to send us a video for soliciting a transcript, this website can be very useful.
  •  This website allows you to convert the video files into MP3, it is not mandatory for our clients to send us the video clippings in MP3 format, but if you can do it, then it will save us time to process the transcript earlier than the standard turn-around-time of 48 hours.
  •   This website also allows you to convert video formats directly from sites such as You Tube, Google Video and other multimedia websites, the formats that are possible to convert include avi, mov, mp4 (for iPhone), wmv  etc.
  • If you wish to save a  portion of an interesting video on You Tube, this is the website that makes it possible. You can share the video clipping with your friends, or if you want a transcript of a particular sequence in a feature, you just need to send the clipping to us.
  •  Do you want to add extra controls to the You Tube videos? This website makes it possible to add extra controls over and above the default ones that are avaiable.
  •  The highlight of the standalone application available on this website makes it possible to embed text  into a video clipping, we can provide the transcript if you send us the video clipping. This application allows you to bookmark, organize and save the You Tube videos as a personal collection or for viewing it at a time of your convienience.
  •  Did you know that YouTube has a feature that allows you to watch pages on a slow internet speed, this is made possible by limiting the features available to the viewer through advanced web techniques. The total bytes downloaded by the browser are controlled and reduced, but some video may not play accuratly.

We shall update information regularly on newer developments related to multimedia, so bookmark this page and send us a feedback if you are more informed than we are.

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