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Online visibility expert: Posing yourself as a renowned expert is an idyllic way to enhance your online visibility and boost up your reliability. Reputation certainly has its benefits: The World Wide Web offers you tremendous opportunities to be featured as an official expert, some free of cost and some with minimal investments. Now let’s have a look at the 7 […]

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Voice recognition software is the best thing to have happened to people who dictate on the go. At least, that what glossy pamphlets and smartly designed advertisements, seem to scream from the rooftops. But the truth is far different from what those pretty looking brochures claim. From what frustrated users, and industry experts say, the voice recognition software is still […]

“I get furious when people tell me that transcribing is just listening to recorded voices and typing it out. The job requires and demands a lot more than that”  fumes Stacey Portman one of our senior most transcribers at Transcriptionsservice. So if there is more to transcribing than meets the eye, what exactly is it? Well to begin with there […]

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Greetings fellow readers!!! This is transcription blogger from Transcriptionsservice. I came across a piece of information that “RIAs are shying away from videos” RIAs (Registered Investment Adviser) are not open to video marketing in this digital age. This is understandable with RIA’s those are starting up. The shocking fact is un-earthed by Aite group LLC. The group’s research team states […]

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Writing on the move is in and here is why you should give it a shot! Writing can be a lonely and tiresome job, and if you are trapped inside a room and staring at the same dreary curtain for hours on end, even more so. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could hit the treadmill and burn those extra […]

Audio Transcription is nothing but the conversion of recorded audio content into a text file. The audio content can be in any of the formats like WAV, MP3, WMA, DSS etc… and other non-digital formats like cassettes, VHS tapes etc… iSource and Audio transcription:  A superior quality audio transcription with transcendent Turnaround time and affordable price is the success mantra […]

From our experience as a noted transcription company, we will be able to assist you in avoiding the common mistakes in a recorded interview. The overall quality of the content is directly proportional to the quality of the recording produced. If your intention is to record an interview and have it transcribed later, then you can help the transcription process […]

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Different companies and different individuals use recorded interviews for many different reasons. Many of such recorded interviews later on transcribed are involved in crucial decision-making. This kind of interview transcription  serves as a tool to pull out relevant information. This turns out to be a successful move with specific points in mind. We have mentioned the below few tips to […]

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This post is for many of our clients that are curious to know on why we charge the rates that we do, some of the points we have mentioned here is for the benefit of our clients that solicit transcription services from us. This document is intended to enhance the knowledge and curiosity of clients on various factors related to […]

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There was a time when we never needed an advance to get started on the transcription assignments sent to us, but when things started getting out of hand, we were left with a large account receivable list. We would appreciate that people realize that the transcription process is arduously laborious, that which is accomplished with toil and effort. The transcriber […]

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