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“Putting of for later” is an epidemic that every nation suffers from. And the major victims have always been students. The mad rush during the eleventh hour, and tearful phone calls to mom, is characteristic of all doctoral students, plowing through their dissertation. But to avoid sleepless nights, nail biting last moments and the anxiety of realizing that you might […]

We all hate to defend ourselves. And if it is in front of a serious, observant and mostly bespectacled dissertation committee, even more so! What can be more petrifying than standing up and defending your research and hard work, knowing that this could be your last chance to prove yourself? To help you out we offer a few tips to […]

Coming with an impressive and clear cut thesis proposal is usually the first stumbling block a student faces while working towards a doctorate. There are so many times, the germ of an idea that we feel could make great research material, is quashed right at the outset as it wasn’t fleshed out properly or sounds vague and doesn’t quite make the […]