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Background noise can be a dampener and wreck the nerves of the most spirited of us. Most consumer camcorders offer great video clarity and even kindergartners discuss about pixel count, but sadly audio clarity doesn’t seem to be the most important priority. Till you end up with that beautifully shot sunrise video that strangely enough has a buzzing sound in […]

Check for the following features in your camcorder: Check if your camcorder has options to switch over audio gain levels from automatic to manual, where you can set a favorable level for sound at a stable volume. Check if your camcorder has manual adjustment of audio input gain so that you can control the strength of the audio signal. Check […]

The caller from Phoenix, AZ wanted to know if we can provide her the transcript of an Oprah Winfrey Show, featured in early 2010, quite a number of callers want to know if transcripts of soap operas are available off the shelf. We do not have readily available transcripts of any radio or television series, they are made-to-order. All that […]