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Background noise can be a dampener and wreck the nerves of the most spirited of us. Most consumer camcorders offer great video clarity and even kindergartners discuss about pixel count, but sadly audio clarity doesn’t seem to be the most important priority. Till you end up with that beautifully shot sunrise video that strangely enough has a buzzing sound in […]

Video editing can be unimaginably tough! Every video is shaped at the editor’s desk, and it takes a lot of creativity, diligence, late nights, and a good video editing software to produce a perfectly edited video. There are dozens of video editing software out there, but if you dislike or don’t have the time for cherry picking, we could be […]

“I hate the fact he spends most of his time watching cartoons and looks like he lives inside the television set” is a rant that we’ve heard from most exasperated moms. The debate as top whether cartoons can in anyway contribute to the mental growth of a child has been going on for decades, and mega budget animated films rolled […]

How do you make an interesting documentary? You could choose a controversial subject, give sound bytes that will ensure you hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons and appear on daytime television on a show that nobody watches. The other option is to make a tightly edited documentary with interesting narrative elements. Here we list down a few easy […]

10 tips for conducting effective video interviews Conducting an interview can involve a lot of groundwork and video interviews are a whole lot more challenging. Here are ten tips for a video interview that is engaging, fun and looks professional. And all this at a fraction of the cost production houses shell out on! The golden rules of a well […]

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Just went through the ordeal of another video presentation that looked like a disturbing blur of images and sounds. People suffer through poorly recorded video presentations that are poorly lit and unclear. A little effort and following basic rules can make that boring video presentation look a million bucks! Poor audio is a killer joy Pooraudio quality can render the […]

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Check for the following features in your camcorder: Check if your camcorder has options to switch over audio gain levels from automatic to manual, where you can set a favorable level for sound at a stable volume. Check if your camcorder has manual adjustment of audio input gain so that you can control the strength of the audio signal. Check […]

The general issues occurring in a poor audio recording are: The microphones placed away from the speaker. In this case, there are high chances of audio recorded as faint voices. Over speaking that occurs when people talk over the top of one another. This drives away the clarity from the main source involving multiple voices without focus. Background noise drowning […]

Mountain View environmental planning commission produced the minutes of the meeting of its Sep 7th official meet and it was about 16 pages. Later a meeting was conducted on Nov 16th and the meeting minutes were only 3 pages. The difference in the volume of the pages made the council to vote on shorter minutes and the vote was 5-2. […]

Turn-around-times do get extended when special characters or time-codes are inserted into the transcripts, a customer based in Encinitas – California sent us a two hour video recording, and wanted us to insert time codes and add special characters to the transcripts. The transcriber of our company started the process of creating the transcript, the instructions that came along with the […]

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We receive queries from production controllers of radio & television companies asking us if we document screenplays for film and television programs, and if we do, what are the format and style that we follow? The structure of the format consists of one page being utilized for a minute of screen time. The ‘shooting script’ will have every scene numbered which […]

The caller from Phoenix, AZ wanted to know if we can provide her the transcript of an Oprah Winfrey Show, featured in early 2010, quite a number of callers want to know if transcripts of soap operas are available off the shelf. We do not have readily available transcripts of any radio or television series, they are made-to-order. All that […]