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Writing on the move is in and here is why you should give it a shot!

Writing can be a lonely and tiresome job, and if you are trapped inside a room and staring at the same dreary curtain for hours on end, even more so. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could hit the treadmill and burn those extra calories or go hiking in the woods, all the while working on your book and meeting deadlines!

Dictating into a voice recorder and transcribing it later on, can give you the freedom of getting some fresh air and perspective, while strolling in your neighborhood park. It’s definitely not a new idea, as Kevin J Anderson, one of the greatest sci-fi writers of recent times, records all his novels and sends it to a transcriber. 

Here is why it makes sense to join the club

Writers can no longer retreat into a shell, as promotional tours for books are an important clause an author must adhere to when he signs on the dotted line. Dictating into a recording device on one of your innumerable flights can not only help you beat the deadline blues but also a great way of fighting jetlag. Margaret Atwood the quintessential feminist Canadian writer, lists dictating on a flight, as one of her top ten tips for effective writing.

And here is the clincher; it’s healthy

If you are going to be on CNN giving sound bytes about your latest novel it helps to stay in shape! Instead of being chained to a desk and piling on pounds, it is a much smarter option to travel, have fun, make friends, and feel happy and light while working on your book.

Don’t suffer from tendonitis, (yes, giving an unfair amount of work to your wrists or elbows can do that to you) but step out into the sunshine and be perfectly toned and tanned for the next television interview!

And it’s not too heavy on the pocket!

Author transcription services are available in every nook and cranny and the best news is that most of them are light on the wallet. As writers more often than not work with shoe string advances, they need a transcriber who fits into a tight budget. Luckily there are transcription firms that offer specialized transcribing support for writers without being a tad too expensive to afford! With so much going for it, step out and dictate and ace the New York Times bestseller list looking a million bucks.

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