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Background noise can be a dampener and wreck the nerves of the most spirited of us. Most consumer camcorders offer great video clarity and even kindergartners discuss about pixel count, but sadly audio clarity doesn’t seem to be the most important priority. Till you end up with that beautifully shot sunrise video that strangely enough has a buzzing sound in it.

There are clean up and audio editing software but like they say prevention is better than cure. To get a better sounding video you need to work on it before, during, and despite your best efforts, after filming as well.

Before you hit record

• Check you microphone. Most camcorders offer external mic input. Choose a shotgun mic for highly directional audio. An omnidirectional mike can be used for picking up sound from all directions. Shop according to your requirement.

• Controlling background noise when shooting indoors is easy. Carpet your room, switch of any appliance that makes noise, block doors and windows with drapes and send out noisy kids, pets, or adults.

• When shooting outdoors try to find a quiet spot and pray to god, that your audio, doesn’t turn up to be a noisy mess. Because sadly enough, there is little else you can do!

When you start recording

• First off record some atmospheric or room noise. When you hit a particularly loud portion you could edit it out and use this as filler.

• While filming outdoors, talk closely into the microphone, cover the mike with your hand if it is windy. If you spot a technical error stop recording and fix it immediately instead of banking on software’s.

• Instead of screaming with all your might when a truck passes by, pause and take a quick break and resume recording, whenever there is unusual or unbearable noise.

Don’t take the backseat yet

• Use decent audio editing software. You can boost up sound while post production, Sound booth can help increase audio levels and correct inaudible portions.

• Magix audio cleaning lab can clean up your audio and fix up the flaws.

You can now put up your feet

You’ve done your best, so relax with a cup of coffee. Continuous and dedicated effort is much better than sloughing it out at the last minute. Have a transcript of the video, or subtitle it, so people still get to know what your audio content is when all else fails.

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