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There’s been a lot of talk about whether it is essential that every company worth its salt should have a blog of its own. Some feel that blogging is an unbelievably self indulgent exercise, and serves little purpose. But there is no denying the fact that blogs can be the doorway to communicate with clients and prospective ones, regularly.

Especially, keeping in mind that the other options that a company has, is to hand out brochures, distribute newsletters, or send out press releases, and give interviews.

Nobody reads brochures however pretty they look, none of us have the patience to go through newsletters, and unless you are Steve Jobs few people are going to read your interview in the local magazine. Which, explains why, blogs are the way to go!

10 reasons why you should start blogging today!

• To stay ahead of the race you should always be a step ahead. Blogs can help you share and communicate new ideas and fresh perspectives which can establish you as a thought leader.

• It gives a human face to your organization, and creates connect with people.

• Unlike an advertisement campaign you don’t have to break your head about strategies and game plans. But you still manage to reach your target audience.

• Bland press releases are so passé. Blog about latest developments and get the response you always wanted.

• Being active on the social networking circuit can up your chances of visibility. A well written blog can be shared on social networking sites.

• Blogs that offer help and support to your intended audience can work better than the most creative sales pitch.

• Responding to comments can not only make people follow your blogs regularly but help you understand and analyze the needs and mindsets of your audience.

• It creates a sense of community and intimacy with your clients.

• It creates a framework for people to bounce ideas, engage in discussions, and help you keep abreast with changing opinions and trends.

• Blog regularly. If you don’t have the time or patience to type, dictate your blogs and transcribe them.

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