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Does reaching a mass audience burn hole in your pocket?

Here you have the “webinars”- the new facet of conferencing solutions. Webinars come with the ease and potential to fulfill your global needs especially within your budget.

Immediate budget shrinks that comes to your mind when you think of webinars

  • yours travel budgets
  • your live expense accounts
  • Communication expenses.

Why to consider a webinar?

Save bucks:

Conferencing has served organizations and individuals to a great extent for decades all together. Now with the advent of latest technology in our day-to-day activities, even live F-T-F conferences have evolved to on-line webinars. Though reviewers grumble about that webinars lack the level of interactivity that F-T-F has, thinking on the economic sense, gathering in a group of professionals from all corners of the world isn’t an easy thing. Consider the following

  • Associated travel costs
  • Associated print expenses
  • Venue costs etc…

Now reach your audiences even without stepping away from your office.

The regular needs for conducting a live seminar are as follows

  • A spacious hall according to your attendees numbers
  • Refreshments
  • Soveneirs
  • TV/media coverage
  • Print media

The above sure comes with a price.

When it comes to webinars, your online account creation with the social media networks is free. Promotional activities are through

  • News letters.
  • Frequent blog posts
  • Social media status updates
  • Short tweets in twitter

The basic amenities required to conduct a webinar

  1. A moderate PC
  2. A normal internet connection
  3. A webcam if necessary
  4. A regular browser

To host the webinar, you will need a webinar service provider where small scale providers come with built-in features that are pocket-friendly.

The above lines convey a simple message. “The technology has made the world look small- instead of making a live performance, embrace technology and make yourself available virtually (online). Through virtual availability reach out to positive and potential resources even at far away lands”

Through webinars you and your esteemed attendees save a lot of time energy and money. The below table will untie the differences or advantages over live seminars

Live seminar Webinar
Reach is limited No limitation – reach is possible across continents
Event handling is cumbersome Event management is real-time and easy
Travel, boarding and lodging expenses No travel for both the host and the attendee
Marketing expense is high Marketing expense is pocket-friendly


Keeping a steady pace with the fast-paced world is tough. But with the aid of technological resource, application of the same to meetings and seminars may take the user experience to a whole new experience like-in webinars and web conference.

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