Transcriptions Service

You Speak – We Type

The caller from Phoenix, AZ wanted to know if we can provide her the transcript of an Oprah Winfrey Show, featured in early 2010, quite a number of callers want to know if transcripts of soap operas are available off the shelf. We do not have readily available transcripts of any radio or television series, they are made-to-order.

All that is required for processing a transcript is an audio/video recording of the program, which is then documented by our transcribers and delivered in forty-eight hours. The recordings can be in any format, but clients need to make sure that the recordings do not have background noises or disturbances. The quality of the recording has a bearing on the quality of the transcript and the turn-around-time taken to document it.

The verbatim style is a preferred choice that most of the clients request for, meaning if Oprah Winfrey or the guest she is interviewing cough, sneeze or gesture, the transcribers mention it in the scripts., unless clients request for editing these, we do not tinker with the transcript. The FTP feature is available on our website for sending the audio to us, or the recording is sent as email attachment if the file size is under 10 MB.

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