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If you have scheduled an interview and are in need of transcription services, we can assign a team of transcribers specifically for the interview project, you just need to call our customer support on 1-877-323-4707 and let us know the time and the date in advance, and the transcribers will be made available at your disposal for documenting the interview.

The interview transcriptions processed by our company consist of Journalist interview questions, writer interviews, author interviews, photographer interviews, doctor interviews and lawyer interviews.

The audio recordings that are sent to us consist of personal interview questions, behavioral interview questions, interview question & answer sessions, interviewee questions, technical interview questions, phone interview questions, sales interview questions.

We are working out the modalities of documenting live interviews, for the moment however clients will have to upload the audio/video recordings of the interview through the FTP until we make arrangements for live voice-to-text conversion.

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  3. Eva Brown says:

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