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Education is no longer limited to stuffy classrooms and has turned a corner. Online educational videos are the order of the day. With zillions of online videos, ranging from ‘how to sew’, to language classes, it takes some effort and creativity to stand out from the crowd. A warm smile and clear diction can take you halfway up the success ladder, but to reach the top, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Add colorful video clips

Lively and well orchestrated video clips can give a whole new dimension to your video. It is easy to shoot some of your own, and it is any day a better option than videos that look almost generic, and living in the mortal fear of copyright laws. Use shots that give a sneak peak into the scene of action, or metaphorical shots. Talking head videos get tiresome after a point.

Even out of the ordinary photos can add zing to your video. Concentrate on the visual components to gain a toehold against those, ‘How to’ videos!

Use animated characters for the fun element!

It is a myth that only human beings below the age of five, and the size of huge jam jars, like those endearingly funny characters. They have an appeal that transcends age and cultural barriers. And if yours is an online educational video for kids, it is de rigueur, that you use these cute creatures in your presentation.

Focus on the narrative and content

A narrative that doesn’t instruct the listener on and on is very important to hook your viewers onto your video! Have a breezy and if you can manage it a humorous narrative, there is no better crowd-puller. Pepper your narrative with quotes, statistics or interesting facts.

Work on your content. No amount of attractive packaging can save an educational video that offers no user benefit. Add captions and subtitles, to make the viewing experience easy. If you don’t know the way about it, you could always opt for a captioning services firm to do the job for you.

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