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Video editing can be unimaginably tough! Every video is shaped at the editor’s desk, and it takes a lot of creativity, diligence, late nights, and a good video editing software to produce a perfectly edited video. There are dozens of video editing software out there, but if you dislike or don’t have the time for cherry picking, we could be of some help to you.

We list out the three major software around and what makes them tick. There are some very useful features in all of them and to make an informed choice you have to know what they are!

Avid; the most obvious choice

Any discussion about video editing has to include a line or two about avid. It is the one software that everybody’s used, has heard of, or read about, sometime or the other. It is the software of the pros.

The greatest advantage of Avid express pro is that it offers better media management than most other software. If you work with a more than one cam set up, Avid  got a smart feature that can help you chose the best clip by letting you see each video as it progresses. It can easily synch in the clipping you want without a dozen clicks.

Apple of the eye!

Final cut pro is working its way to become the final word on video editing. The latest version of FCP offers more than one cam support of up to 64 cameras with different frame rates and codecs. And it can also enable users to work on multi layered PSDs. And working with the timeline is a whole lot easy than many other professional; editing suites. And with a SQL database, it is gaining ground and could well shake Avid of its high horse.

Premier pro and the super cool CS6

Ever created a great effect but couldn’t remember just what you did, while working on the next frame? The adjustment layers in cs6 can apply the same video effect across various video clips. The global application of effects has users smiling in relief as they don’t have to nest video sequences anymore. And copying clips is also easy with the new alt-drag feature.

Whatever the software you opt for one easy tip that never fails to work is to transcribe your video footage. It can help locate clips quicker and work more efficiently.

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