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Many customers soliciting transcriptions of audio /video Podcasts often want to know, why min charges of $50 is applied to their podcast that is of 10 or 15 minute duration, the simple explanation that we offer is that the transcribers hired by us are guaranteed a minimum wage of  eight hours on a day-to-day basis.

This justifies the reason for our minimum charges, not withstanding the duration of the audio that is under one hour. The transcribers receive the guaranteed eight hour wages and added to that is our operational costs which then leaves us with very little cost lowering options.

The clients that use our services use Podcasting as a marketing tool for their businesses, the minimum charges paid to us for our services is thus easily absorbed and most them prefer getting it done from us, rather than spend precious time in doing it themselves.

Even if some clients do choose to do it themselves, the resultant cost in all probability will be higher than the $50, considering their valuable time that is worthy of more than the amount paid to us for the services.

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