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Marketing can be a ruthless game. It is an uneven playing field, where multimillion dollar raking firms are all over the place, on television, radio and smiling at us from giant size billboards. And small enterprises are sidelined, and have to rely largely on the goodwill of customers. Now they have another trustworthy ally by their side!

Podcast are helping businesses run on a tight budget, to spread the word, and reach out to more clients. Don’t pay heed to the nay –Sayers, who claim podcast are so last year and busy writing obituaries. They are the same people who claim the world is going to end, at the beginning of every year. Smart phones like Android and Blackberry have fueled the growth of podcast. It is as clear as daylight that podcast are here to stay.

Five smart ways you can use your podcast to stay ahead of the game

• Podcast offer more room for innovative thoughts than the mainstream media. You could invite and feature your clients in your podcast episodes. A great way to advertise and build a strong brand presence.

• A free podcast, a good audio hosting service like libsyn and being listed on major podcast directories, can work like magic, and give your business an edge without you paying through your nose for advertising.

• Podcast don’t disappear into thin air like television or radio commercials, once the advert ends. If you offer valuable content, it can be shared by listeners and stay on long after the show ends!

• Unlike mainstream avenues for advertising, you can reach your target audience and share a personal connect easily.

• Lastly, here is finally a marketing strategy that will bring your staff together, have fun and save on those dollars!

Launch your own podcast and beat them at it!

Stop envying the big guys for snaring more customers and hogging the limelight. An interesting podcast can, open new doors, and possibilities. Have a transcript of your podcast available on your site. It can push your podcast and site, up the search engine rankings and drive more traffic.

There are podcast transcription services available at reasonable prices, so you don’t have to go shopping for a transcription team or spend time, typing away furiously!

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