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Skype has made making calls a lot more inexpensive and uncomplicated. There was a time when making video calls was the exclusive domain of corporate honchos. Skype has demystified the art of making video calls. There are several apps that can help record your video calls in a snap. We list down a few that can make you record video calls without having to shop days on end for that perfect video recording app that understands your needs.

Ecamm for Mac users

If you are a mac user, Ecamm call recorder, is the app to opt for. It offers great ease of use and one special feature of Ecamm is that it annotates calls in real-time. If you haven’t used an app before and feeling dizzy trying to make sense of all the technical jargons used, you could make use of the free trial feature provided. By and large, the Ecamm call recorder is in all probability one of the cheapest priced Skype video recording app available.

It is a great application for those who need to maintain their video calling history, and is highly configurable. And being lightweight and about 15$, it is the go to video call recording option for both mac and Skype users.

Opening a new window

The Skype video call recorder, Supertintin lives up to every promise it makes. Much like the beloved adventurer tintin, it has a huge fan base who swear by it! It records both audio and video streams and captures original media data while recording Skype calls. This application that works with Windows offers the best audio quality for video chats. It offers a free trial as well so you can be twice as sure!

Vodburner for those perfectly recorded calls

Vodburner is slightly on the higher end. But the features that it boasts of, has eager video callers queuing up to get their hands on this cool app. It offers high video resolution and lets the user to determine the aspect ratio and resolution. It has a built in post production console that has features similar to a video editing software. You can professionally edit videos, add captions and subtitles and can control the audio volume of both calls.

It makes a lot of sense to transcribe your video calls

Every time you need a detail or feel like listening to a snatch of your conversation, you cannot possibly listen to your entire video recording. A transcript of your video calls can make you easily locate that elusive detail you were searching for! If you have nimble fingers type your calls over a cup of coffee or entrust your calls to a transcription services firm.

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