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Different companies and different individuals use recorded interviews for many different reasons. Many of such recorded interviews later on transcribed are involved in crucial decision-making. This kind of interview transcription  serves as a tool to pull out relevant information. This turns out to be a successful move with specific points in mind. We have mentioned the below few tips to have in mind that can help you record a good quality interview as well as maintain standards while recording.

There are certain “considerable rules” that everyone present inside the interview room needs to follow.

  1. All those who speak inside the room have to speak clearly and precisely in a normal speed neither too fast not too sluggish.
  2. Use the right kind of camcorder with the right type of microphone. Be cautious on the fixing position of the microphone as well its handling.
  3. Avoid sounds or words like sshh-sshh, uhh-uhh, etc… as at times this becomes difficult to recognize or distinguish the words.
  4. Avoid talking over one another, one person speaking at a time will provide a clear audio rather than all people talking at the same time.
  5. It is wise if the interviewer could use the first names of people while questioning, say for example, ‘Mary, Can you detail me your job role with your previous company?
  6. Counter check your audio file after recording to ensure if you have recorded it properly- if you cannot understand the audio recorded, and then obviously the transcriber too could not understand.
  7. An “inarticulate audio” is definitely difficult to transcribe. If there are any references mentioned in the conversion like abbreviations or acronyms, it is important to stop and have them repeated clearly or even spelled out to make it more precise.
  8. The transcriber can be provided with suitable reference materials if the audio recorded is too technical.
  9. Have regular checks on the recording at constant intervals to ensure if everything goes well.

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