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It is a given that we’d lap up everything rolled out by Apple and the iPad is on exception. There is so much you can do with it that the first few days can pass by in a daze just looking at the options it is loaded with. Some smart ways to make your iPad more fun and useful! These features and apps of the iPad can make you fall in love with apple all over again!

The most stylish jukebox ever

Locating songs, buying it through wi-fi or singing along with the lyrics on, makes it an audio player that can be easily mounted anywhere in your house. If you want more musical sunshine into your room buy wireless speakers or a smart docking system.

Indulge in retail therapy or curl up with a book

And, a lot more without moving from your favorite couch! Browsing through shopping catalogs can be the next best thing to checking out the latest mall in town. If you’re not in the mood for online shopping or your credit card is maxed out, subscribe to e books. The large screen will ensure that you don’t squint at the screen. As it has remarkable battery life (almost 10 hours) you can read pages without worrying about the battery running dry.

Store your slides

The iPad can be a great device to store your power point slides and work on it as well. Graphic artists feel that the iPad can offer a lot for the creative mind and can be used for making sketches and designs. The Keynote app can help to make presentations that are absolutely professional and is compatible with PowerPoint.

Mobile office

The iPad is almost a mobile office and you could communicate more effortlessly with your colleagues. There are many law firms that are now using the iPad to deliver courtroom presentations and exhibits. The Penultimate app helps a great deal in saving, maintaining and sharing notes. You can finally say goodbye to the notepad that you always seem to misplace just before a meeting. The Evernote is a virtual library of all the information you need and you can store and save notes, to-do lists, photos and books in one place.

There is a lot for everyone

The iPad can be used to make work a lot more fun and easy, can occupy the moody toddler and help to shop when it is snowing outside. It is a great family friend you’d love to have at home.

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