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Recording interviews can play havoc with one’s nerves. Recording online video interviews can be even scarier as finding out what went wrong, can sometimes be more difficult than fixing it. If you are recording your first ever interview, brace yourself, it can be one roller coaster ride, if you have a few interviews to your credit, here are a few ways to perfect what you are good at!

Here is what you need in your tool kit

A smart screen recorder: Screen recording suite and the windows based BSR screen recorder, are two great screen recorders. The BSR screen recorder comes with a built-in video editor and makes adding text, image or other interesting visual components totally effortless. The screen recording suite can easily record videos from webcams, and also has lesser number of clicks than most screen recorders.

Skype all the way: If you are using Skype to record, the Ecamm’s call recorder for Skypeis a great option. It can split video into different segments making post production work a breeze. It is just 20$, very light in the pocket and works like a dream.

Hi definition webcam: Logitech rolls out fantastic, low cost webcams. Most computers come with built-in webcams and if yours doesn’t or you are not happy with the definition it offers, the Logitech Quick Cam Pro is for you! This external webcam has won some rave reviews and users who swear by its efficiency.

How to go about recording your online video interview without floundering

Once the basics fall in place there isn’t really much to fret about. To avoid looking like a grainy ghost use the simple three point lighting technique. It creates virtually no shadows. And, one light to your left, another slightly muted one to your right and a light to brighten the background should do the trick for you.
Shop for a neat USB mike, there are many plug and play USB mikes available and they don’t cost a bomb. Audio Technica, Blue Snowball, MXL USB condenser 009 are some of the USB mikes out there that hardly ever go wrong.

Go ahead, armed with that killer smile

Now that all the technical details are taken care of, record your online video interview, with ease and if you are scared to death try not to let it show. A precise transcript of your online interview can be of great help when you start sharing it online. It can be easily crawled by search engine spiders and get indexed sooner.

Opting for an online video interview transcription services firm, can be a time saver! Some of them offer awesome online video transcription deals.

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