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Having a successful podcast can make you an overnight celebrity, make people walk up to you at parties and help you connect with different people. But what does it take to make a podcast wildly popular? Thankfully not much! Follow these basic ground rules and there is very little else you need to do or remember.

Launch with a bang

There are a lot many passionate podcast makers out there! To stay ahead of the race, have a few interesting podcast episodes ready before you launch the first one. It can be your ticket to get into more podcast directories and being featured in iTunes. Short series of podcast on current topics can attract more subscribers and help you gain ground, in the fiercely competitive podcast landscape.

Design a cover that can grab eyeballs!

Podcast cover art acts as a visiting card to your podcast. Make sure that your visiting card doesn’t mix unobtrusively with the others in the wallet. It should stand out and hiring a firm who do cover art can be your step in the door for podcast that are widely listed and subscribed to.

Feedburner for rss feeds is a smart choice

Your rss feed is where your listener traffic comes from. It is a crucial point of contact between your podcast and its audience. Gain control over your rss feed and its Feedburner or Powerpress that should be your natural choices. Feedburner is a poll topper as it offers easy and complete control over your feeds.

It is words that count!

A brief lowdown of your podcast content will make Google like your podcast more as it is words that search engine spiders’ crawl and index. The more text in your podcast, the better your chances of being search engine friendly! And while on the topic of text every word you put in there can make an impact.

Use a title that is descriptive and gives an idea on what your podcast is about.

If it’s 20 minutes its 20 minutes everyday

Your podcast episodes are unlike television shows and there is a specific time-frame you need to adhere to. And finally it is not a crime to wind up early but certainly hara-kiri if you keep rambling on and on long after you’ve run out of things to say. Don’t push way too hard as it can turn off listeners more than a shorter-than-usual episode.

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