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When assignments for voice to text are sent to us, the requests from clients is for not including any background noise in the transcript, but there are some exceptions, for example a client from Milwaukee sent us an unusual request for including background noise in the transcripts.

The audio recording of a group of speakers had a variety of background noise like a dog barking, a speaker sneezing and someone else coughing. It appears that the winter conditions had its effect on the speakers, and when a client sends us instructions to include the background noise, the transcribers make sure to include all the possible noises in the recordings, including someone using staplers, or zipping or unzipping sounds in the background.

The problem however is that if background noise is included in the transcript, it takes a longer time to complete and approximately 25% extra time is needed to process the transcription assignments. But client instructions are dear to us, and only in circumstances beyond our control, we may find certain specifications difficult to observe. The client receives an immediate update from us, and in most circumstances the instructions are restructured.

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