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“I hate the fact he spends most of his time watching cartoons and looks like he lives inside the television set” is a rant that we’ve heard from most exasperated moms. The debate as top whether cartoons can in anyway contribute to the mental growth of a child has been going on for decades, and mega budget animated films rolled out from the bigwigs of the film industry has made animated characters, film stars in their own right.

How do you get a child to read and learn in the world of Winnie the Pooh’s, Noddy’s and the wildly popular Telletubbies? There is always a solution and like adding chocolate to cereal it could go down well with your toddler.

No more flickering lights at eight in the night!

We all hate it when our children stay up when we are dying to call it a day. But switching of cartoons could mean major tantrums, howling, screaming and a few broken toys here and there. The best solution would be to videotape the cartoon episodes and let your kid watch it at a time you are comfortable with.

Subtitle them to finally get your kid to read

If you are sighing that it is too much of work remind yourself that letting your watch cartoons for the next five years without cultivating the reading habit is a far worse choice. Pick up your kids favorite television shows and subtitle them so they can read what their favorite characters speak.

Most of the times the accents are just plain weird and your child may not be able to understand much of it anyway. For the first time since you became a parent you can be on even footing with your child and maybe earn a few brownie points.

Quick fix

If you cannot begin to understand how you could add text to a bunch of recorded videos, you don’t have to Google it and end up being more confused than you stared out with. If you cannot do it yourself you could always let somebody else do it for you! There are subtitling and captioning firms all over the place and the ones in developing countries offer work at low costs.

If you want to end those tantrums and make your kid to read without being looked at as a hard as nails dictator, this could well be your only answer. And for once you wouldn’t mind those cute characters, with funny accents inhabit the magical land of your child.

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  1. Rich says:

    Well, according to me cartoons do contribute in mental growth. It helps kids with their creative side. Now, look at Walt Disney, if he loved cartoons and created a brand which is bigger than any of the financial brands. I agree with you though, at the point you made to 
    subtitling it to avoid grumpy faces.

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