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What is the first image that pops to your mind when you think of a writer? We don’t blame you if it is of a loner with no interest in technological advances and most probably starving in the attic with a faraway look in the eyes. Snap to reality. A, new breed of tech savvy writers have, brought about a whiff of fresh air into the bland and placid world of publishing and writing.

 Writers block a thing of the past?

Transcriptionsservice receives no less than a dozen calls a month from writers, aspiring writers, columnists, novelists, researchers and journalists requesting for transcription services for their audio recordings. Audio recordings?  Yes, you read that right. Writing doesn’t involve a pen and paper anymore, well at least smart writing doesn’t. Most writers just record their books on their smartphones or ipods and send it for transcribing services. And that is why writers block, or chewed up pens may become a thing of the past in the near future!

Case in point

We recently received a transcription request from a writer who’d obviously done her math! She needed to transcribe 300 hours of voice recording and estimated that recording on her ipod could quicken the pace of her work ten times! Writers feel that tech gadgets have liberated them from the unenviable task of writing down or typing out pages. And of course it is ten times faster and more efficient.

Snare publishers without years of struggle

One of the main reasons why writers feel that it is more convenient to record and transcribe than to manually write or type out stuff is that publishers give them a tighter deadline. “The entire publishing industry works at a much faster clip now and most publishers scoff at handwritten manuscripts or hard copies and specifically request for electronic copies. So I feel it is an intelligent option to get it transcribed and then mail it to publishers” says Ruth Plummer a novelist based in New Zealand and a client of Transcriptionsservice for the last four years.

Transcribing can not only help beat deadline blues but also pave way for a more creative and unshackled thought process.

Like Ruth puts it “Walking down the less trodden path and exploring new possibilities is the primary job of a writer. Transcription firms have helped us break the glass ceiling and made writers more unfettered, relaxed and, yes, tech savvy!”


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  1. Excellent post! I think you’ve encapsulated the mission of this blog and our challenge.

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