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What makes an interview an interview, an interaction that communicates more than just words? There are a lot of factors that have an influence on how good and how engaging your interview is. It takes a lot more than just well practiced lines to conduct an interview that is not cliched and grabs attention.

Break the ice

You are not going to get interesting anecdotes or confidential information from someone who suspects you! Try to be warm and genuinely interested in what your interviewee says. Start of by sharing a little information about yourself and make it look like a conversation and not a recorded interview. Discuss about some of your other interviews and the bloopers you committed earlier.

This is an ice breaker that works for most people and also stops the person you are interviewing from being over conscious about the way they speak or look. We all love to hear about other peoples goof ups.

Don’t ask closed questions

Unless, you want a straight yes or no for an answer! Questions hanging in the air have better chances of getting interesting replies. Lean forward when your interviewee answers to show that you are hanging on to every word they say. And never ever attend a call when your interviewee is speaking even it is a call from your fiance.

Tiptoe around the tough questions

There maybe some delicate questions and topics to be broached. To avoid your subject from clamming up, ask the questions in an offhand way and don’t sound too over eager or desperate-to-know. Reserve the worst for the last so you don’t end up with diplomatic answers and a stilted conversation right from the start.

Wait even if you need to wrap up soon sear

Looking like you might leave anytime can stress your interviewee and stop you from having a freewheeling chat. Wait patiently and be ready for long pauses in the conversation and give enough time for your interviewee, reflect on, or recollect incidents.

Always send a copy of the interview

Don’t just disappear into thin air once the interview is over. Send across a copy of the interview or if you are not sure of the publication date send a interview transcript with a thank you note. There are interview transcription firms who can give you a perfect transcript so all you have to do is work on that thank you note!

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  1.  Loved reading this post really! Fresh and engaging indeed. U covered almost all the points. Interviewing someone has to be done with interesting tricks and spontaneity. it must make the interview feel at ease and least nervous or out of the place. A lil bit of humor and a lot of naturalness do a great job.

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