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Turn-around-times do get extended when special characters or time-codes are inserted into the transcripts, a customer based in Encinitas – California sent us a two hour video recording, and wanted us to insert time codes and add special characters to the transcripts.

The transcriber of our company started the process of creating the transcript, the instructions that came along with the video recording stated that the `the maximum line length should consist of thirt-two characters, and one or two lines must have time indicated without the time code. The time increments to be followed was every five seconds, and the time codes were to be inserted into the script at every one minute interval.

The client required a verbatim transcript with the time stamped for every 2 minutes window within the video. It takes a transcriber five to six hours for documenting an hour long audio or video, this is for transcripts without time stamp or time codes and we deliver them to our clients in forty-eight hours.

But this assignment was different, the client needed time stamp every five seconds and since the audio recording was of ‘B’ category, it took the transcriber nine hours to complete an hour long video, because of which we were able to deliver the transcript after sixty hours, instead of the forty-eight hours normally taken by us to deliver a transcript, which is without time stamp or time code.

There are a few exceptions although, sometimes an ‘A” category audio with time stamp and time code is delivered in the standard turn-around-time of forty-eight hours, but this is possible only if the audio recording is of high quality and time stamp is at every ten seconds interval.

The transcription with time stamp and time code are useful for adding captions to videos, and we provide the transcripts to television and movie companies. Many other clients from Stanford University that use the Stanford Captioning System for adding captions to the videos that they circulate on You Tube or iTunes solicit transcription services from us, these transcripts have time stamp and time code.

These are some of the links that are useful for reference if captions need to be added to your video, transcripts that are compatible with any captioning software can always be solicited from us, processing transcripts with special characters, time stamps and time codes has been our specialty.

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