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Why trainers are turning to webinars?

One of the recent catchphrases in workplaces is the webinars. The no. of trainers adopting webinars has increased to a great extent in the recent days. This is because webinars have evolved to a must key ingredient into the training programs. Any employee orientation or other training programs becomes easy with the advent of this web-enabled approach.

Let’s justify how webinars have become equally important to other approaches:

  • Dependable & effective alternate to live training events.
  • High response when compared to live in-person training
  • Impact more than e-mails & other modes of communication programs.

Few highlights from the Wainhouse research on nearly 500 trainers:

The main questioned for the trainers was

What’s the recent evolution in delivering training courses?

As far as training to employees is concerned, there are contemporary and customary tools as well. Customary tools like emails, video conferencing, audio conferencing, LMS, etc remained flat over the previous years. But the usage of webinars as an alternate for live in-person training showed a steady growth of 14% within a year and that obviously indicated a direct 13% of reduction in live in-person training.

The next question being

What’s the impact of webinars on your training assistance?

The biggest advantage was

  • The feature to include learners who could attend previous webinars- meant the archiving feature.
  • 63% of trainers used webinars to pull in more learners
  • 56% used webinars to search locations that were inaccessible previously – which means anytime anywhere access.
  • 50% of trainers use webinars as alternative for in-person training.
  • 45% of trainers use webinars to facilitate new courses.
  • 41% of trainers use webinars to achieve new types of learning objectives.

Equip to the evolved:

Technology has always brought-in new findings to replace the existing practices, similarly webinars are definitely a boon to the current age trainers who need not spent a fortune and the trainers who need not have any sort of embarrassment when compared to in-person training.

Technology is ever meant to simplify your needs, and that’s definitely proven in case of webinars. Get equipped yourselves to the evolved new policies, new ideas, and new techniques. Organizations are under terrific pressure to withstand to the constant changes and needs, now webinars can be used to refine and take forward their mission for further growth and development.

Go ahead and find new purposes!

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