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There was a time when we never needed an advance to get started on the transcription assignments sent to us, but when things started getting out of hand, we were left with a large account receivable list.

We would appreciate that people realize that the transcription process is arduously laborious, that which is accomplished with toil and effort. The transcriber spends hours listening to the audio to document it. The long hours sitting in an upright position with the head-phones does reflect on the health of the transcribers, hearing loss, frozen shoulders or spinal osteoarthritis are some of the common ailments affecting many transcribers.

As a transcription company, we realize the invaluable contribution of the transcribers. We endeavor to compensate them with liberal allowances and medical benefits, but if we are left with a long list of A/R, the transcribers of our company will be at the receiving end. We are certain that none of our customers would want that to happen.Transcription service rates.

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