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Youtube edu has become a great space to interact and learn. Even tutors, who usually turn up their noses at the mention of online learning, have taken a liking to this nerdy avatar of Youtube. The Khan academy in particular is a powerhouse of information and a video library that dishes out lessons in well shot, engaging videos.

“There are painfully shy students who just don’t put up their hands in class. After posting a video of my grammar class on Youtube edu I can see marked improvement in them. And can almost imagine them pausing and going over the video again when something doesn’t make sense” beams Clara Edward, a university lecturer based in California.

Videos for school kids

There is finally a classroom school kids would love going to. The YouTube for Schools, gives teachers a platform to create and share educational videos and reaching out to students beyond the confines of a classroom. Students can view videos posted by their schools and are given limited access. This could mean, teachers, trailing behind the pigtailed ones, to monitor what they are watching on the net is a thing of the past.

A “like” for that lecture

Top universities such as MIT and Stanford upload lectures on YouTube EDU and there are some lecturers who attain instant stardom thanks to the number of views and subscribers for their videos. A senior professor I met recently confessed to reading the comments section below, to evaluate and improvise on his classes. Classroom sessions are uploaded regularly and nobody is complaining about long classes anymore!

Educational videos the way to go

If it is a video it has to be on Youtube. And that is why Youtube edu has come as a blessing for many! It is a very simple process, minus the bells and whistles of uploading videos. Adding captions and subtitles to Youtube videos is also very easy and you don’t really have to read a twenty page manual to understand how it works.

With everything going for it Youtube is certainly on its way to becoming the worlds most popular, diverse and best loved educational sites.

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