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DSS to MP3 Audio Format Conversion

What is DSS file format?

DSS file is a Digital Speed Standard file that enables high quality professional audio recording at a high compression rate. Digital Voice Recorders and speech recognition software make use of the DSS format.

Benefits of DSS format:

  • Reduces Audio file size drastically
  • Transfer of Audio files through mail attachments is simple
  • Processing of Digital speech recording made easier
  • Offers efficiency in managing complex work flow processes (e.g. transcription process)
  • Able to safeguard speech files for future references
  • Additional information storage in header file makes DSS more than just a recording tool

Why to convert DSS to MP3 Format?

  • DSS file formats are not compatible with all software applications and programs. So at times it becomes mandatory to convert DSS files into MP3 format.
  • Physicians at clinics, hospitals and facility centers are more concerned about the dictation quality to get clear cut documentation of patient medical records. Due to this DSS format is the first choice when it comes to standardized digital storage of speech records.
  • Mp3 is the more common file type if you use portable devices like iPods, Music players etc.  In order to carry out easier function of the ultra portable systems, the need for converting DSS to Mp3 format becomes necessary.

How to convert DSS format into MP3?

Step 1: There are wide ranges of websites offer free downloading of DSS to MP3 Converter . You can download Switch sound file converter for Free at NCH which is a trusted and tested website

Step 2: Open Switch sound file converter and click "Add Files" button to add the DSS file. You can see a search window popping up. You can find the desired DSS file on your hard drive which has to be converted into MP3 format.

Step 3: Now you can choose a destination on your computer where the MP3 file has to be saved. You can do this by clicking "browse" button just next to your "output folder" and clicking the desired storage drive.

Step 4:This is the crucial step that decides the needed output format. In order to get Mp3 format output, you have to carefully select the ".mp3" extension from the drop down menu that is situated near "Output Format"

Step 5: Here we go; the final step is to click the "Convert" button located at the bottom of the Switch file converter screen. You can see a window pop-up screen where it displays the conversion progress bar. Pop-up Notification will be given to you once conversion is completed.

How conversion of DSS to MP3 format helps in transcription workflow process?

Using a DSS format a speaker can record 10 minutes of audio (speech) in just 1 MB  of space. Most professionals  for example physicians prefer to record their audio in digital dictation recorders. The digital audio files has to be transcribed in order to document it for future usages and references. In Transcription process conversion of DSS files in to MP3 format is essential to cater smooth workflow management.

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