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Give your marketing teams the benefit of ‘reading’ group discussions, rather than ‘listening’ to them. We document group discussions 

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Group discussions are an important forum for the marketing department of large organizations. The feedback generated from group discussions can help the company take important decisions. There are a number of different topics that a company may hold for a discussion group, the topics in group discussions are generally related to a specific product or service. It could be a product that the company has already released, or it can be a product that the company is planning to release in the future.

Regardless of the length of group discussions, be it a couple of hours or a day long discussion, our transcribers have marketing and business management experience and the flexibility to meet any deadline, our company provides group discussion transcription from a wide variety of recordings. Needles to add here, that digital recordings undoubtedly produce the clearest quality of recording.

We receive the content of the group discussions in the form of audio or video, and the ability and skill of our transcriber comes into focus, because in group discussions, a participant is inclined to speak out of turn, and to decipher the voice of every participant thus, requires experience and skill to transcribe.

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  2. Round table group discussion
  3. Panel group discussion
  4. Group discussion in Medical Research
  5. Legal Group Discussion
  6. University Group Discussion

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