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Internet Transcription Services

Do you want to ‘document’ streaming media files on the internet? Send them to us, our typing service functions 24x7 

We offer transcriptions of any audio files sent to us or available on the Internet, including Real Media Audio files, Windows Media Audio files, MP3 files, WAV files and files saved on Compact Discs.

The internet is an important source for research and education, and many of the resources online are in the form of audio, our transcribers over the past few years have sufficient experience in converting them into text, thus contributing our effort to the pool of information available on the net.

We use amplifiers and equalizers to improve the quality of the audio we transcribe. Our transcribers are trained to decipher different accents and technical terminology of different fields, the final transcription is double checked by proof readers who listen carefully to the audio and correct any errors.

  • A leading service provider for research institutions, educational
    institutions, medical research foundations, law companies, radio and television companies.
  • Transcripts from any Internet audio source: .MP3, MP4, WMA,
    WAV, RA, RV, RMA, RMV, RMVB, DSS etc.
  • All transcripts proofread and double-checked for accuracy.
  • Audio enhanced for clarity through analog and digital equipment.

The pricing policy of Transcriptionsservice is aimed at providing all kinds online transcription services at affordable rate. We can save our clients 40% of their transcribing charges and you can be assured that the low cost of our transcription services do not reflect on the quality of our transcripts.

Call us on our toll free number 1-(877)-323-4707 for further details.

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Phone: 877-323-4707
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