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Simple steps for converting AIFF into MP3

We also convert audio into text aiff transcriptions now provided online

The Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) is co-developed by Apple Computers, the format is commonly used in Apple Macintosh computer systems, IPods, IPhones etc. 
Transcriptions Service converts audio into text, our typist are available 24 x7 for providing transcripts of any audio saved on your computer, iPod or a Digital Voice Recorder.  

The .aiff can be easily converted into .mp3, if iTunes is installed on your computer, if it is not installed you can download it from this free application plays digital music and videos on Mac and other operating systems, it also converts .aiff  audio formats into .mp3.

These simple steps below explain how to convert .aiff to .mp3 in iTunes   

You can send the audio to us in any format, either Aiff, MP3 or other than these formats. It can be sent to us an email attachment if the size is under 10 MB, the email address is


1. Switch on your computer

2. Highlight and Click on the iTunes icon on Dock

3. On the iTunes screen click on the Library icon

4. Using the mouse drag the .aiff file and drop the file in the library

5. To select the .aiff file that you have dropped into the library, click on it once.

6.On the Menu Bar select Advanced

7. Choose Convert to MP3

8. After the file has been converted into MP3 drag it to the folder that is located on the SAVE FILES HERE drive or any other location of your choice such as the CD-ROM, Zip Disk or eDisk.

NOTE: A new file in the .mp3 format is saved in the library, this does not delete the original .aiff file, and the file name also does not change only a new format is created and it is located under the Kind column of iTunes. The file format can also be viewed in the Library by clicking on the file name and clicking on File > Get Info

TIP: All audio files in a folder or on the disk can be converted together by holding the Option key and by clicking Advanced > “Convert Selection To” 

If the size of the audio is above 10 MB, the audio recordings can be uploaded through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) available on our website, the transcripts will be delivered to you in 48 hours or two working days. 
Our transcription charges are amongst the lowest in the industry, guaranteed to save 40% to 50% on costs. If you have queries related to pricing, turn-around-time or require help on uploading audio recordings call us on our toll free number 1-877-323-4707

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  • Convert Aiff To Mp3 
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