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Value Added Transcription Services

Have a long list of things to do before your D day? Working with us can help you strike a few things off!

Transcriptionsservice offers value added services that can make life a lot easy for our clients. The latest service we have on offer is sure to make people who are scuttling around to get things done on time heave a huge sigh of relief!

Stop rummaging through the net or blowing up your phone line!

You've just arranged an event for the launch of your latest product and thrilled about the expected turn out but apart from running around to book a venue, make the invites, call the press and a hundreds of other things you'll have to take care of, the most crucial job would be to zero in on a professional video recording firm to record your event for posterity. A clear recording ensures that your event is documented perfectly. And also after taking so much pain and spending lots of dollars to make sure your event is well coordinated and classy you don't want to end up with grey, grainy images and terrible sound quality.

And here is the good news. You don't have to spend hours on the net trying to phrase and rephrase your search requests to get relevant results and also call up recording firms all hours of the day and night trying to get an appointment. Transcriptionsservice can refer the best recording firms and all you have to do is shoot across a mail to us containing details about your event, the number of attendees and your budget. We will put you in touch with a recording firm that fits your bill perfectly.

1877 323 4707 the only number you'll ever have to call!

Instead of calling dime a dozen recording firms and dealing with crazy IVR systems you just have to call our toll free number to get the contact numbers and details of some of the best recording firms in your vicinity!

Our value added service is available for anyone in need of professional recording

Not just events anybody who needs the service of a professional recording firm can give a call to our number. Wether you are conducting a product launch, or want to record your maiden theatre venture you know the number to dial.

Breathe easy!

Transcriptionsservice offers the best quality transcription services at the lowest transcribing charges and you can bank on our transcription support 24x7! And now we can help you out in recording your event, program or production as well. Now with the two main tasks, recording and transcribing your event struck off your list , you can get cracking with far less things to do and a lot more time on your hands!


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