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Does reaching a mass audience burn hole in your pocket? Here you have the “webinars”- the new facet of conferencing solutions. Webinars come with the ease and potential to fulfill your global needs especially within your budget. Immediate budget shrinks that comes to your mind when you think of webinars yours travel budgets your live expense accounts Communication expenses. Why to consider a webinar? Save bucks: Conferencing has served organizations […]

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Webinars are the new speedy and cost-effective way to create buzz for you and your business simultaneously creating a list of reliable admirers. New let’s have a look at the 3 steps to produce high-quality webinars using your blogs. Utilize the awesome way to build your business speedily but ever have in mind that the profit of your webinar is directly proportional to the size of your audience., Higher the […]

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Online visibility expert: Posing yourself as a renowned expert is an idyllic way to enhance your online visibility and boost up your reliability. Reputation certainly has its benefits: The World Wide Web offers you tremendous opportunities to be featured as an official expert, some free of cost and some with minimal investments. Now let’s have a look at the 7 simple tips you need to know to enhance your online […]

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There is a fast forward button for everything in this fast paced community! Everybody is busy. The world has found the fast forward button. Businesses and information exchange happens at exhilerating speeds. Social media has become the hub of interconnecting individuals, businesses, friends, families, and events. Micro blogging and one-liners are the most effective in this fast-paced world. Twitter satisfies all the criteria of the fast-paced community. This serves as […]

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Why trainers are turning to webinars? One of the recent catchphrases in workplaces is the webinars. The no. of trainers adopting webinars has increased to a great extent in the recent days. This is because webinars have evolved to a must key ingredient into the training programs. Any employee orientation or other training programs becomes easy with the advent of this web-enabled approach. Let’s justify how webinars have become equally […]

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Never forget to mute your audience: A typical business area or a workplace is prone to be noisy. Even clicking on keyboards or turning off the doors could be a distraction at the point of time. Therefore, while on a webinar try to avoid interruptions to your attendees to the maximum extent, in which the first step being to “mute your audience” What this does? • Reduces the background noises. […]

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Writers don’t have to chase down publishers any more! Professionals across all fields find publishing an e-book on their sites, a great way to boost credibility and a proud add on to their portfolio. But all good things on earth come with a small flipside. It can be a tad difficult for self publishing e-book authors to stay focused without hardnosed publishers breathing down their necks. We offer tips that […]

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Macs are the best choice for video recording as the applications that Apple offers are simply exceptional! The one reason why mac users stay loyal to their brand is that it probably never gives them a chance to look further for better applications. With posting and sharing videos becoming all the rage, making videos using Mac has become a national pastime. If you are new to the Mac world and […]

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Recording studios are an expensive proposition. But recording from the comfort of home can be tiresome and challenging unless you stay alone in an isolated neighborhood. Just when you are recording the most important lines the neighbor’s dog will have to bark and the phone has to ring off its hook. What can be more frustrating than all that shushing up is trying to figure out a way to record […]

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Youtube edu has become a great space to interact and learn. Even tutors, who usually turn up their noses at the mention of online learning, have taken a liking to this nerdy avatar of Youtube. The Khan academy in particular is a powerhouse of information and a video library that dishes out lessons in well shot, engaging videos. “There are painfully shy students who just don’t put up their hands […]

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Audio mixing can be a tough nut to crack. The ingredients of what goes into a good audio mix are varied, and even more confusingly, change according to the person you are asking. We snooped around a bit and came up with some mixing tricks that work and are not all that complicated to master. And here goes the list …… 1. As a ground-rule don’t use headphones while mixing. […]

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Podcasting can be fun but comes with a huge bucket list of things to do. It is a great high to know that someone, somewhere you haven’t and cannot possibly meet, is listening to your voice. Before getting drowned in the confusion of Hindenburg Journalist or GarageBand, make sure you are armed with what mattes most; a great script.             You could have a voice […]

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