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Writers don’t have to chase down publishers any more! Professionals across all fields find publishing an e-book on their sites, a great way to boost credibility and a proud add on to their portfolio. But all good things on earth come with a small flipside. It can be a tad difficult for self publishing e-book authors to stay focused without hardnosed publishers breathing down their necks.

We offer tips that can help a great deal in making your journey easier and fight that writers block!

Ten simple ways to stay enthusiastic and focused

• Take it one word at a time. Worrying about completing an entire book can only eat up your time and gnaw at your insides. Stop fretting and take it word by word.

• Don’t sip coffee, stretch yourself, or talk over the phone while writing. As a rule of thumb, don’t do anything that you wouldn’t dare do at your work-desk.

• Time your breaks. If you get up and leave whenever you feel like, you’d be spending more time pottering about than working on your book.

• Love what you do; the critiquing, analyzing and editing can come later on.

• Set a realistic deadline for yourself. A page a day should work.

• Anytime you hit a block or end up staring at a blank screen, stop beating yourself about it and take a walk or spend some time with that little baby next door. It helps to veer off the track once in awhile.

• Clean up your desk. There is nothing that can kill creativity faster than desk full of flying papers, spilt coffee and overflowing ashtray.

• Dress neatly even if it is home. Wearing shorts or jumpers is certainly not going to help you work like a professional.

• If you hate typing dictate your book and send it across for transcription.

• Finally, imagine your completed book; there can be no greater incentive to push yourself a little bit harder!

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