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Mountain View environmental planning commission produced the minutes of the meeting of its Sep 7th official meet and it was about 16 pages. Later a meeting was conducted on Nov 16th and the meeting minutes were only 3 pages. The difference in the volume of the pages made the council to vote on shorter minutes and the vote was 5-2. […]

Coming with an impressive and clear cut thesis proposal is usually the first stumbling block a student faces while working towards a doctorate. There are so many times, the germ of an idea that we feel could make great research material, is quashed right at the outset as it wasn’t fleshed out properly or sounds vague and doesn’t quite make the […]

This post is for many of our clients that are curious to know on why we charge the rates that we do, some of the points we have mentioned here is for the benefit of our clients that solicit transcription services from us. This document is intended to enhance the knowledge and curiosity of clients on various factors related to […]

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There was a time when we never needed an advance to get started on the transcription assignments sent to us, but when things started getting out of hand, we were left with a large account receivable list. We would appreciate that people realize that the transcription process is arduously laborious, that which is accomplished with toil and effort. The transcriber […]

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We have a team of over 100 transcribers and there was no need for us to use voice-recognition, the caller appeared to be very pleased with our reply and related his experience using voice recognition, he tried using it for an audio recording of a focus group in which multiple speakers were participants, the length of the audio recording was 187 minutes […]

There are times when we fail to deliver transcripts at a turn-around-time that we promise, some of the reasons attributed to the delay are because of technical reasons. The audio file sent to us may have background noise or the speaker may have an unusual accent, the transcribers under these circumstances take a longer than usual time for documenting it. We’ve also […]

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If you have scheduled an interview and are in need of transcription services, we can assign a team of transcribers specifically for the interview project, you just need to call our customer support on 1-877-323-4707 and let us know the time and the date in advance, and the transcribers will be made available at your disposal for documenting the interview. […]

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When assignments for voice to text are sent to us, the requests from clients is for not including any background noise in the transcript, but there are some exceptions, for example a client from Milwaukee sent us an unusual request for including background noise in the transcripts. The audio recording of a group of speakers had a variety of background […]

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Turn-around-times do get extended when special characters or time-codes are inserted into the transcripts, a customer based in Encinitas – California sent us a two hour video recording, and wanted us to insert time codes and add special characters to the transcripts. The transcriber of our company started the process of creating the transcript, the instructions that came along with the […]

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Many customers soliciting transcriptions of audio /video Podcasts often want to know, why min charges of $50 is applied to their podcast that is of 10 or 15 minute duration, the simple explanation that we offer is that the transcribers hired by us are guaranteed a minimum wage of  eight hours on a day-to-day basis. This justifies the reason for our minimum charges, […]

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We receive queries from production controllers of radio & television companies asking us if we document screenplays for film and television programs, and if we do, what are the format and style that we follow? The structure of the format consists of one page being utilized for a minute of screen time. The ‘shooting script’ will have every scene numbered which […]

We constantly receive this query from our clients wanting to know if we can do it, our obvious answer is ‘yes we can’. Our clients will be delighted to know about new developments taking shape on the web, especially ones that are related to audio/video clippings that feature on “You Tube” “MySpace” “MegaVideo”. You can now download the clippings, save […]

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