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Background noise can be a dampener and wreck the nerves of the most spirited of us. Most consumer camcorders offer great video clarity and even kindergartners discuss about pixel count, but sadly audio clarity doesn’t seem to be the most important priority. Till you end up with that beautifully shot sunrise video that strangely enough has a buzzing sound in […]

It is a given that we’d lap up everything rolled out by Apple and the iPad is on exception. There is so much you can do with it that the first few days can pass by in a daze just looking at the options it is loaded with. Some smart ways to make your iPad more fun and useful! These […]

Mountain View environmental planning commission produced the minutes of the meeting of its Sep 7th official meet and it was about 16 pages. Later a meeting was conducted on Nov 16th and the meeting minutes were only 3 pages. The difference in the volume of the pages made the council to vote on shorter minutes and the vote was 5-2. […]