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Automated transcripts provide great entertainment value, but sadly little else. The mistakes are so shockingly ridiculous, that you’d swear of using anything that claims to be automated. From being just a cool place where one could post and share videos, YouTube has become a visiting card for filmmakers and an inexpensive advertisement option for entrepreneurs.

Whether you are in YouTube for the fun of it, or look at it as a window of opportunity, don’t let automated transcripts spoil the day for you!

Youtube transcripion vs human transcription
Starting of on the wrong foot!

This image is an example of how disastrous automated transcripts can be to your YouTube video. It says ‘human factors’, when the image in the video clearly states ‘human services’. A transcript like this is a surefire way of losing viewers, real quick. It belies the seriousness of the video and goes wrong right at the outset.

A well shot, or compelling video can be made the victim of light hearten jabs and rude comments if the transcript is riddled with mistakes every three words. When you are looking to communicate to a wider audience, or create a footprint with your video, automated transcripts can be ruinous and frustratingly off the mark.

Way out of the ballpark!

There are a lot of other software generated transcripts that clearly have a mind of their own. Why else would it type out ‘Micro instruments’, in place of Merry Christmas? There are countless number of gaffes, that become running jokes on discussion threads and social networking sites. You certainly don’t want your painfully shot video ending up in someone’s Facebook account, as the joke of the week.

Human generated transcripts have less room for error

It is an imperfect world, but no professional transcriber worth his salt would make the hilarious mistakes, that voice recognition software faithfully manages to come up with. If you are ever in need of transcription services for your YouTube videos, opt for a human transcriber. Online YouTube transcription services are available; everywhere you care to look, take a closer look and opt for one that most suits your budget and requirement.

Till you find someone to transcribe your videos, steer clear of automated speech recognition, no matter what the adverts claim. Video to text

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