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You Speak – We Type

If you present webinars regularly you’ve probably read up enough stuff on how to create engaging webinars. You by-hearted it, followed it like the bible and still ended up with bored and distracted audience. The problem of speaking to people who are not within your earshot is that it is very difficult to grab their attention.

As you smile that killer smile, and speak with as much enthusiasm you could muster, there is somebody in your audience busy playing Farmville. It can be challenging to come up with a webinar that is more interesting than Farmville, but there is no harm in trying. Here are few common webinar mistakes you should avoid like the plague before working on your next one.

Don’t go on forever

Even if your content is funny, interesting and filed with insightful anecdotes, it can still bore audience away if you speak from start to finish. On the other hand, sudden, eerie silences are the bane of many webinars. Have a pleasant and unobtrusive score playing in the background.

Don’t forget to run through the introductions

Give a brief introduction about yourself and if you are bringing on guest speakers on board introduce each one of them and give a quick intro about their expertise and interests. People get quickly bored when they don’t know when they are listening to.

Don’t go overboard

Well, if sounding distant or impersonal can prevent people from connecting with you, sounding overly ecstatic can ruin the day for you, altogether. There are many webinar presenters who sound like they are speaking about ground breaking discoveries when explaining about their latest project tie ups. To avoid sounding like a desperate salesman, tone it down and speak naturally.

Don’t have a slide for every word you speak

Slides are great ways of sharing information and can provide visual relief during a long webinars. But there are so many webinars that are just a blur of slides and they can be very distracting! Use slides only when you present pertinent information and avoid adding too much of text, so people don’t yawn through your presentations.

Don’t forget to follow up

When you promise to mail further details or the answer to a question, make sure you do. Mail across a transcript of your webinar to all the participants, it will help people to remember you and also go through information whenever they can and wherever they are. If you are not good at typing or paying close attention, don’t sit down to transcribe it. Opt for a webinar transcription services firm to do it for you.

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