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Check for the following features in your camcorder:

  • Check if your camcorder has options to switch over audio gain levels from automatic to manual, where you can set a favorable level for sound at a stable volume.
  • Check if your camcorder has manual adjustment of audio input gain so that you can control the strength of the audio signal.
  • Check if your camcorder supports features for a visual display of audio gain levels so that you can have an n idea whether your audio recording levels are too high or too low.
  • Check for the microphone’s fixing point in your camcorder, whether it is located on the side or front. Even before recording you can initially test how much sound your microphone picks up from the back and the sides. This can be done by rotating the camera in front of a sound source with steady volume. This will help you to check if your microphone points out in the right direction.
  • Few camcorders that allow manual adjusting audio input gain:

    Canon HV20 – for more details on the camcorder visit the link–Manual-Controls.htm

    Panasonic HDC-TM700 – for more details on the camcorder visit the link 

    Canon HF10 – for more details on the camcorder visit the link–Manual-Controls.htm 

    Sony HDR-FX1 – for more details on the camcorder visit the link

    Canon GL2– for more details on the camcorder visit the link 

    In the case of audio recording with cassettes you can have in mind the following points:

  • A quality branded cassette is more advisable.
  • You can use standard sized cassettes instead of mini and micro cassettes. This helps you with three to four times better audio quality.
  • Check your batteries if they function well, else you can replace them with new ones.
  • There are cassette records available with two speed options. You can set the recorder with one standard speed; else with the low speed option you tend to double the volume of noise while recording and there by harm the audio quality.
  • Some recorders include voice activation features; in this case, during the recording process if the audio level falls below a fixed level, the recording will be terminated. In such recorders, it is important to check if this option is de-activated.
  • Pick your right audio equipment: 

    When it comes to recording, it is not only the way or procedures of recording determine the audio quality. Even the audio equipments that are utilized determine the quality of the content. It’s apt to say “Anything done at the right time in the right way fetches the highest amount of productivity.” This applies even to your audio recording equipment. You need to be conscious on the features, functionality, usage methods, advantages, flexibilities, value-added features and of course the disadvantages and limitations of the recording equipment.

    The following website can give you an idea of the equipment’s, its usage methods and all other features related to the equipment. This helps you to choose or know your audio recording equipment and use it in the right way to reap the most benefit out of it.

    For Camcorder/DSLR Selection – for more details visit the link

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