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You Speak – We Type

It can be maddening to try and be on top of the heap when there are so many podcast makers around. After all that initial excitement dies down and you hit a rough spot, these little tips can help you get back on track.

Be on the shelves people look at

Talk about your podcast, how you messed it up or how things fell in place, on every platform available. Share your thoughts on social networking sites. Ask for tips, share links, create a buzz and you are sure to get more people interested in your podcast. Being seen everywhere is the best promotional strategy, so be ready to get into hard line marketing.

And its only words are all you have…..

The words on your tags can be your magic bait to get more listeners. Use keywords, this will help drive targeted traffic towards your podcast. Find out who your target audience are and use keywords they are most likely to use to search stuff. A descriptive title tag can not only draw in listeners but also help you in getting the love of search engines.

Get listed on directories

You must most definitely be on iTunes, if not get there fast as it is one of the directories most people use to search podcast. But it doesn’t begin and end with iTunes there are a lot many free online directories available. The paid ones can rarely get you the traffic you need.

A spoonful of sunshine

There is nothing like good-natured humor that can attract people and keep them tuned in. It could be a funny conversation with your grandma or a chat with your neighborhood stand up comedian, but a few laughs can turn into a loyal listener base overtime.  Have lots of lighthearted content in your podcast, there is nothing that can work quite so effectively with people.

Have a blog for support

It is a search engine presence that matters most. A blog can help you help you generate and sustain the interest of search engines. Place samples of your audio podcast and subscription links in your blog. If you do not have the time to blog, or finding writing about your blog cumbersome, a smart idea would be to post the text transcript of your podcast. It can add a distinct flavor not just to your podcast but to your blogs as well!

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