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Mountain View environmental planning commission produced the minutes of the meeting of its Sep 7th official meet and it was about 16 pages. Later a meeting was conducted on Nov 16th and the meeting minutes were only 3 pages. The difference in the volume of the pages made the council to vote on shorter minutes and the vote was 5-2.

The planning commissioners of the council were aghast about the decision. Commissioner Rachel Grossman said that the reduced meeting minutes provided was useless. The council argues to the opposition that all meetings are recorded and are available online. The move of shorter meeting minutes was to save the expense of $4,000 spent annually on transcribing the meetings and the 500 hours of annual staff time spent on preparing the detailed minutes of the meeting.

Commissioner John McAllister said that the “$4,000 or $5,000 that we save on the transcription costs is not worth it”.

As a result of all the commotion, the planning commission came up with two alternatives .The first one being a “Happy Medium” between action minutes and detailed minutes and the second was to use the available technology to transcribe the speech of the speakers. According to Mr. Fernandez, the city clerk Lorrier Brewer who is in charge of the minutes seems to be interested in exploring the technology idea stipulated by the planning commission.

The use of the existing technology is an idea that calls for a standing ovation. Instead, the idea of outsourcing to a remote vendor like iSource will help the council save more than half of their annual transcription costs. They can also free up their staffs from preparing detailed minutes of meeting as iSource is well equipped with resources specialized to do the work.

iSource will act as an extended wing of the council for its transcription services as the pricing model decreases the  transcription pricing for larger volumes. This model implies to no more shorter meeting minutes. The entire process can be made automatic by the 12 hour TAT(Turn around Time) as iSource uses the time-zone to your advantage. Provide us with the recording regardless of being audio or video at the end of day and we deliver the transcript or the meeting minutes at the start of the next working hour.

Make use of the brilliant resource available to do your bidding.  Free up your staff and no more shorter meeting minutes. Save a lot more than just transcription costs. For more information visit or call our toll-free @ 1-877-323-4707 we are available round the clock so start calling us now!


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    I really like the direction you’ve decided to take this blog….

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