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I came across a piece of information that “RIAs are shying away from videos”

RIAs (Registered Investment Adviser) are not open to video marketing in this digital age. This is understandable with RIA’s those are starting up. The shocking fact is un-earthed by Aite group LLC. The group’s research team states that only 3% of the advisers use YouTube professionally. Sophie Lounel Schmitt, a senior analyst with Aite group was stating that “Advisers are not quite seeing the importance of videos just yet”.

Sophie added that the 3% of the population mere entrepreneurial rather than hybrid advisers put up with national or regional firms. This leaves us with unanswered questions like

  •  How do we know that hybrid RIA’s like you exist?
  •  How can we listen or trust on your advice if you don’t believe in making a public presence?
  • So what is pulling them back?

  • Most advisers are comfortable with the primitive F2F meet up with their client.
  • Many of the advisers do not know where to begin with? For this I would like to quote from Steve Garfield.
  • “You’ve probably got a device on you that can shoot decent video, so what’s stopping you?
  • Another fear is that the RIA’s doesn’t know what to do after shooting a video. Is posting on YouTube alone is enough?
  • If at all a video is short, it needs to compliance checked with the firm and the time period for the result may vary from days to weeks.
  • Success Stories

    Kristin C.Harad, owner of Registered Investment Adviser Vita Vie Financial Planning has differentiated himself among his fellow competitors because of his video. He stated that the video made the people feel that he was real.

    Jeff rose’s investment on making an online video made him reap benefits shortly. After making his online presence with his video transcript, the video was made during his tenure as an affiliate of LPL Financial LLC. Before posting he was to provide video along with its transcript to the compliance office and the approval came back in 2 to 3 weeks. Mr. Rose’s online presence made him a quick choice to his clients. Due to the time consuming compliance process and his growing clientele, Jeff was forced to open a RIA firm known as the Alliance Wealth Management LLC. These success stories go in with

    “Your personal brand is a promise to your clients, a promise of quality, consistency, competency and reliability” – Jason Hartman.

    Transcriptionsservice- making a bigger picture.

    To all RIA’s interested to move forward with the video marketing:

    Worried about what to do with a video?

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