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Podcasting can be fun but comes with a huge bucket list of things to do. It is a great high to know that someone, somewhere you haven’t and cannot possibly meet, is listening to your voice. Before getting drowned in the confusion of Hindenburg Journalist or GarageBand, make sure you are armed with what mattes most; a great script.

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You could have a voice that sounds faintly like Justin Beiber, but if you are going to speak about a topic that is of no particular interest to anyone people are going to tune out of your show. The world is full of podcasters dreaming of enthralled listeners and to stay in competition brush up on the basics.

A quick roadmap

As a listener it can be quite confusing to be left to figure out, what today’s show is about. Start of your show with a quick overview of the episode. And make sure that the overview is brief and informative, but leaves a bit of room to the imagination. It pays to be intriguing! Instead of saying we are going to have a chat with Mr. Pete of xxx tech say we have a surprise guest on the show who is an expert on…….

Bite sized sentences work

Long sentences peppered with complicated words, is the easiest way to drive off listeners. Small and simple sentences, without mixing up too many tenses, works like magic.

Being current

Stats and facts that create a buzz can liven up shows. Read the morning papers before hitting record. Anything fresh in people’s memories arouses interest, and one of my podcaster friends catches up on the David Letterman show before every episode and swears by it for fun and recent news. Well to each his own, but keep an ear to the ground as everybody loves hearing current information.

Words are your currency

Like the Boyzone song it is only words and words are all you have to make your dreams come true. Talk like you are speaking to a friend and use an easy going, conversational style throughout your podcast. Don’t sound distant and impersonal. Use the word “you” instead of listeners or even worse “esteemed listeners” (Yes, there are some podcasters who are that extreme).

And never use words that you have trouble pronouncing or that will make people want to look up the dictionary.

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